Heavy Jet

The Airline-Cargo Major sector has been a primary focus for NAASCO since the beginning.  Starting in 1988, NAASCO began working closely with the engineering department at FedEx to develop cost-effective repair solutions for the expensive relay contacts used in their Boeing 727 aircraft.  Through these efforts we took consumable components and turned them into repairable thereby providing an alternative to the OEM.  Since this time NAASCO has continued to expand our FAA / DER Approved repair solutions offering  for our Sil-Met™ and ETR™ solutions saving operators throughout the world hundreds of thousands of dollars.

NAASCO proudly supports the following aircraft OEM’s:

A300 A319 A330
A310 A320 A340
A318 A321 A380

Please contact our Sales Team to learn more about NAASCO’s advanced Mercury Mods and ETR-25™ and ETR-20™ starter generator improvement program providing a 1,000 hour - no brush changes – guaranteed