NAASCO proudly supports our service personnel across all branches of the United States Military (thank you for your service!). Additionally, NAASCO supports many other International Military branches that share our common goals. We have a deep history in both national and international markets and our leadership team brings a combined electrical, mechanical, and avionics experience of over 250 years. We support the following aircraft OEM’s:

NAASCO supports the following aircraft OEM’s:

Augusta-Leonardo Boeing Schweizer Helicopter
Airbus Lockheed Martin Sikorsky
Bell MD Helicopter  

In addition to our specialized engineering solutions, our capabilities also include but are not limited to; Starter Generators, Power Relays and Contactors, Inverters, Converters, Power Supplies and GCU’s, Lavatory and Water Pumps, Fans, Actuators, Blowers, Air Valves, Search and Landing Lights, Strobes, Dimmer Controls, Actuators, Windshield Wiper Motors and Landing Light Motor Support. The capabilities list is constantly expanding due to the request for solutions from our customers.

For more information about our capabilities please contact:

Please contact our Sales Team to learn more about NAASCO’s advanced Mercury Mods and ETR-25™ and ETR-20™ starter generator improvement program providing a 1,000 hour - no brush changes – guaranteed