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Since 1984, NAASCO has continued to provide money-saving repair solutions for costly, obsolete, or otherwise troublesome components.  Because our solutions have been time-tested, we are confident that our many cost-saving repairs and overhaul programs will greatly reduce your maintenance costs.

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For the last 35 years, the NAASCO team has driven enhanced reliability for the aviation sector through our designed, engineered solutions. Our team provides a comprehensive outright purchase and exchange program, accessory component overhaul and repair, and manufacturing and engineering for our growing strategic customers and partners.

Industry Segments

NAASCO’s diverse customer base includes corporate, regional, and major airlines, helicopter operators, law enforcement and government agencies worldwide, distributors, resellers, and other strategic partners. Additionally, as an engineering and manufacturing organization, NAASCO supports FAA approved repair stations and 3rd party MROs.

Repair Alternatives

As a Part 145 Class II electrical accessory repair station, NAASCO provides repair and overhaul of Starter Generators, Power Relays and Contactors, Inverters, Converters, Power Supplies, Lavatory and Water Pumps, Fans, Actuators, Blowers, Air Valves, Search and Landing Lights, Strobes, Dimmer Controls, Actuators, Windshield Wiper Motors and Landing Light Motor Support.

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