Motors AC/DC, ETR™

Motors AC/DC

ETR™ Motor Repair Solutions & Services

Since 1984, NAASCO has worked closely with OEM’s and operators worldwide providing cost-effective repair solutions for a wide variety of electrical aircraft components.

One of our most popular engineered solution is NAASCO’s ETR™ Motor Repair Solutions & Services, which offer substantial cost savings to our global clients.

NAASCO’s latest ETR™ Repairs include support for:

  • Honeywell landing light motors fitted to Boeing B737-NG and MD-88
  • ECE / Teleflex landing light motor support for Airbus family
  • Windshield wiper motor support for B757, B767

These innovative repairs provide an affordable and reliable alternative to OEM new motors at a fraction of the cost while matching the same quality.

All repairs are FAA / E.A.S.A. approved.

Additionally, NAASCO provides repair services for Micropump and Fan Support for Champion TRUs/Converters fitted to regional aircraft.

By extending the life of parts once considered consumable, operators can potentially save thousands of dollars with NAASCO’s cutting-edge repair solutions.

With a vast history of developing industry-leading repair technology along with rapid turn time and exceptional quality for the aircraft repair and overhaul industry.