ETR-20 and ETR-25 Mercury Mod™ Starter Generators

Starter Generator

Starter Generator Improvements

ETR-20 and ETR-25 Mercury Mod™ Starter Generator Improvement Program for Commercial & Military Aircraft

  • Enhancing OEM Performance/Reliability
  • 1,000 Hour – No Brush Change Guarantee
  • Lowest Lifecycle Operational Cost in the Industry
  • Dual Release 8130-3 Tag
  • Guaranteed Turn times
  • Overhaul & Repair
  • Exchange & Outright Purchase
  • Sell Your Core
  • 24/7 Customer Service

Since 1984, NAASCO has provided cost-saving repair and overhaul solutions for troublesome or otherwise costly components for operators around the world.

In 1992, NAASCO introduced the first in a series of starter generator improvements with the introduction of the original Long Life brush. Consequently, allowing operators to reach TBO (Time Between Overhaul) without a brush change and reducing commutator wear by a factor of ten. This revolutionary new brush was given the trademark ETR, an acronym for Electrographitic Treated Resins.

The momentum continued with the introduction of NAASCO’s proprietary ETR-20™ improvement program which is a FAA approved addendum to the 1960’s technology OEM overhaul manuals.

Two years later we released to the industry the patented ETR-25™ Mercury Mod, a cooling modification for certain 150-amp starter generators and most recently for 200-amp units. The technology continues to include electric motors for blowers, actuators, pump motors, and more.

Take advantage of NAASCO’s advanced ETR-20™ and ETR-25™ Mercury Mod™ upgrades for a variety of 150-amp, 160-amp, 200-amp, 300-amp, and 400-amp starter generators manufactured by Bendix, Lucas/Goodrich, Safran Power, Skurka (formerly APC), and Thales.

NAASCO’s ETR-20™ and ETR-25™ Mercury Mod™  improvement programs allow our generator shops to apply an enhanced overhaul process that greatly extends the life of your starter generator.

In addition to receiving our exclusive ETR™ FAA-PMA carbon brushes, your modified starter generator is fitted with a variety of proprietary elements. In many instances, modifications include machining new air passages in the units’ drive-end and anti-drive end bells. 

These elements, in addition to our advanced repair processes, serves a dual role to improve airflow past the carbon brushes and brush boxes while drastically improving the internal cooling of your starter generator.

Trace amounts of carbon dust generated by our ETR carbon brushes is exhausted to complete the cooling function. Our unparalleled upgrades substantially increase starter generator reliability and greatly reduce operator maintenance costs and  overhead.

Do your Armature and Brushes look like this after 1,281 hours?

  • Actual photo of armature commutator and NAASCO’s ETR™ brushes removed from unit with 1,281 hours of service (original set of brushes since overhaul). Starter generator was overhauled with our advanced ETR-20™ and ETR-25™ Mercury Mod™
  • Commutator wear measured at .006″ (compared to typical wear of .040″ to .055″ with abrasive OEM carbon brushes). Note that wear indicator line from our ETR™ brushes shows 37% brush wear with a life expectancy 3,254 hours.