Our Capabilities

Manufacturing and Engineering

NAASCO has developed its comprehensive capabilities list over the past 35 years for the Aerospace Repair and Overhaul Industry. These Capabilities include Skurka Starter Generators, Power Relays and Contactors, Inverters, Converters, Power Supplies and GCU’s, Lavatory and Water Pumps, Fans, Actuators, Blowers, Air Valves, Search and Landing Lights, Strobes, Dimmer Controls, Actuators, Windshield Wiper Motors, and Landing Light Motor Support. The Capabilities List is constantly expanding due to customer requests for solutions.

As part of our capabilities, we offer specialized services under NAASCO’s starter generator, motor, and relay/contactor trend-monitoring programs that help us to assist our customers with any recurring problem that they may be experiencing. Our quality control and engineering departments collect and maintain data on any trends that develop while our customer’s units are in service. This data analytics strategy ensures that we identify the root cause of any issues thereby enhancing reliability.

Outright Purchase and Exchange Program

NAASCO provides a full range of integrated programs and options where we leverage our strategic relations throughout the industry in order to lower your operational costs. This is done on a multi-year contractual basis or individual orders where we utilize a volume-rebate system.  Through this program, our clients have access to our extensive inventory of exchange components in-stock and ready to ship where under our multi-year agreements we offer a free exchange program.

  • High-quality Components in Stock with Full Warranty/trace
  • Consignment Inventory Management
  • Repair and Overhaul Management
  • 24 Hours AOG Services

Repair and Overhaul

NAASCO has developed an on-site test, repair, and overhaul facility to handle any repair requirement. For over 35 years, NAASCO has become one of the most respected repair facilities due to our engineered solutions, highly skilled and trained technicians, and a large inventory to ensure quick turnaround times. We have made this reputation by consistently meeting and exceeding our clients’ expectations and by providing the highest quality service possible.

  • Accessories Repair, Overhaul, and Exchange
  • Mechanical and Electrical Component Repair and Overhaul
  • Contract Maintenance
  • Electrical Contact and Relay Repair Services
  • Terminal Board Repair Services

Manufacturing and Engineering

Since 1984, NAASCO has worked closely with OEM’s and operators worldwide providing cost-effective repair solutions for a wide variety of electrical aircraft components.  These engineered solutions have been developed from the industry’s finest engineers and fabricated from our industry recognized machine shop support team. 

  • PMA Manufacturing
  • PMA Engineering Services
  • Electrical Contact and Relay Repair Services
  • Terminal Board Repair Services