Speed Brake Actuator Motor 684SC112 Series



The 684SC112 DC Motor Series are used in Speed Brake Linear Actuators and were originally manufactured or cataloged by Eaton (Vickers). Part numbers within this series may include but may not be limited to 684SC112-1 and 684SC112-3. Eaton Speed Brake Linear Actuators, part numbers 684D100-1, 684D100-7, 684D100-MD7-1, 684D100-9, 684D100-11 and 684D100-15, contains the Eaton DC Motor part number 684SC112-1. The Eaton Speed Brake Linear Actuators part numbers 684D100-3, 684D100-5, 684D100-9, 684D100-MD9-1, 684D100-13 and 684D100-17 contains the Eaton DC Motor part number 684SC112-3. Eaton DC Motors 684SC112-1 and 684SC112-3 are the drive motors for the aircraft’s Auto Speed Brake Control. Typically, the Auto Speed Brake Control and its respective 684SC112 DC Motor Series can be found on Heavy Jet aircraft within the Commercial and Military sectors.

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 6 in
Aircraft Type

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Aircraft Model

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Part Number

684SC112-1, 684SC112-3