NAASCO Northeast Corp. continually sets higher standards of quality and reliability in aviation industry. We specialize in the repair and overhaul of Starter Generators, Electrical Power Relays and a variety of aircraft accessories. NAASCO also offers a number of PMA replacement parts for components fitted to helicopter and fixed wing aircraft.

Our advanced ETR-20™ improvements and our exclusive ETR-25 Mercury Mod™ upgrades deliver unmatched quality, reliability and value. Starter generators overhauled with NAASCO's cost-saving programs are backed by our 1,000 hour brush life guarantee.

NAASCO's state-of-the-art Sil-Met™ Repair Solutions lower the cost of repairing relays, contactors and PDU's. We also provide support for electrical contacts, relay terminal boards and other relay piece-parts.

Additionally, we have developed a number of cost-effective FAA-approved repairs for motor assemblies fitted to landing lights, windshield wipers, fans and water pumps.

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