Starter Generator – DC 23090 Series



The 23090 Series DC Starter Generators include but may not be limited to part numbers: 23090-001, 23090-002, 23090-003, 23090-004, and 23090-009. They are manufactured or cataloged by Safran Power (TRW Lucas Goodrich) and operate as a motor to provide torque for engine starting and as a generator to provide DC electrical power after engine starting is accomplished. When used as an engine starter, the starter-generator can be energized either by batteries or by ground-power units. The generator’s electrical is rated at 30.0 volts DC at operating speeds from 6500 to 12000 rpm under a maximum 400A continuous load condition. The generator rating is 400 amps, 30 volts at 6,500 to
12,000 RPM and the starter rating is 2,000 amps max. self-limiting with 28 volts max. at start receptacle and 0.006 ohm circuit resistance. Generally, these Starter Generators are used on turboprop aircraft serving the commercial and military sectors and are self-excited machines incorporating four main poles and four interpoles. During on-ground operation, a fan attached to the anti-drive end of the drive shaft supplies forced-air cooling. In flight, the starter-generator, in addition to the fan, is blast-cooled through the air inlet and the aircraft’s air duct system.

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Weight 50 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 12 × 12 in

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Part Number

23090-001, 23090-002, 23090-003, 23090-004, 23090-009