Starter Generator – DC 23080 Series I



The 23080 Series I DC Starter Generators include part numbers: 23080-001-1, 23080-003, 23080-003-1, 23080-025, and 23080-025-1. They are manufactured or cataloged by Safran Power (TRW Lucas Goodrich) and operate as a motor to provide torque for engine starting and as a generator to provide DC electrical power after engine starting is accomplished. When used as an engine starter, the starter-generator can be energized either by batteries or by ground-power units. The starter generator utilizes a series starting field and should be started with the shunt field de-energized. The Output Rating is 12kW, rating for continuous load within speed range is 400 A @ 30 V at 6,800 to 12,000 rpm Blast cooled, and the external starting power supply limitations self-limiting current load of 2,000 A max. @ 28 VDC. Generally, these Starter Generators are used on turboprop and light jet aircraft serving the commercial and military sectors and are self-excited machines incorporating four main poles and four interpoles. During on-ground operation, a fan attached to the anti-drive end of the drive shaft supplies forced-air cooling. In flight, the starter-generator, in addition to the fan, is blast-cooled through the air inlet and the aircraft’s air duct system.

Additional information

Weight 45 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 12 × 12 in

Aircraft Type

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Aircraft Model

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Part Number

23080-000-1, 23080-003, 23080-003-1, 23080-018, 23080-024, 23080-025, 23080-025-1