Starter Generator – DC 160SG Series



The 160SG Series DC Starter Generator is manufactured or cataloged by Aircraft Parts Corp. (Skurka). The Starter-Generator is used as an engine-driven source of DC power in a 28-volt aircraft electrical system and as a source of starting power for lightweight turbine engines. An efficient integral fan draws air in at the anti-drive end of the generator to permit self-cooled operation. The DC output is 30 Volts and 160 Amperes with a continuous operating speed of 12,100 RPMs. The external starting power is 30 VDC Max and 700 Amperes Max. Generally, these Starter Generators are used on turbine helicopter and turboprop aircraft serving the commercial and military sectors.

Part numbers within this series include but may not be limited to 160SG136Q, 160SG137Q, 160SG137Q-2, 160SG139Q, 160SG139Q-2, 160SG140Q, 160SG141Q, and 160SG142Q.

Additional information

Weight 24 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 12 × 12 in

Aircraft Type

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Aircraft Model

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Part Number

160SG136Q, 160SG137Q, 160SG137Q-2, 160SG138Q, 160SG139Q, 160SG139Q-2, 160SG140Q, 160SG140Q-4, 160SG141Q, 160SG143Q, 160SG143Q-2