Static Converter 28VS100Y Series



The 28VS100Y Series (also referred to as MS17976-2 Series) Static Converter is a Fan Cooled, 100 Ampere, 28V static converter that includes part numbers 28VS100Y-10A, 28VS100Y-10B, and 28VS100Y-10C are manufactured or cataloged by Champion Aerospace, Inc. The static converter receives AC input power and converts it to DC output power. The AC input power is received by a receptacle connector on the motor ring assembly and is transmitted through wiring to a power transformer. The power transformer steps the voltage down and is connected to twelve semiconductor diodes. The diodes convert the AC power to DC power. The DC output power is transmitted through a wiring bus to two terminal studs on the motor ring assembly. If the wiring of an external component is connected to the two terminal studs, DC output power is provided to that external component. The AC input power received by the receptacle connector is also transmitted through wiring to the circulating fan. The circulating fan rotates, causing air to flow through the static converter for self-cooling.

Additional information

Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 12 in


Aircraft Type

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Part Number

28VS100Y-10A, 28VS100Y-10B, 28VS100Y-10C