Starter Generator – DC 524 Series

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The 524 Series consisting of part numbers 524-031, 524,032, 524-060, 524-061, and 524-062 DC Starter Generator manufactured or cataloged by Thales Avionics Electrical Systems is designed to operate as a motor providing torque for engine starting and (after engine start-up) generating electrical power. Characteristics of generator operations are voltage: 30 VDC, rated current: 160 A, power 4.8 kW, and the speed range from 8,000 to 12,100 rpm. Characteristics of the starter operation are torque: 1.40 (10.31 ft. lb.), speed: 1,750 rpm, current: 300 A, and voltage: 20 VDC. A fan attached to the anti-drive end of the drive shaft supplies forced-air cooling. Generally, these Starter Generators are used on turbine helicopters serving the commercial and military sectors.

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524-030, 524-031, 524-060, 524-061, 524-062