90615 Series LED Anti-Collision Light, 28V



90615 is a drop-in replacement for Grimes 30-1-12-5 (Northrup Grumman RC-12/King Air, also found on other military aircraft), comes standard with 5-1/4 inch round five hole mounting, producing 400 Effective Candela in White and 100 Effective Candela in Red. DUAL MODE with independent controls for Red and White LED packages. Unit ships with MS3112E14-5P Series Connector into the self-contained assembly. 28 VDC Only.

Tech Specs

  • Drawing # 90615
  • Weight 1.4 lbs
  • Dimensions H x Dia. Exposed Height: 2.87 (72.90mm) x Mounting Diameter: 5.14 (130.56mm)
  • Current Draw 0.9 amps average
  • Available LED colors Aviation White & Aviation Red
  • Lenses Clear Hardcoated Polycarbonate


Install Guide: 14428

Additional information


Part Number

01-0790615-00, 01-0790615-10