71170 Series LED Wingtip Anti-Collision Nav D38999/20F13-8PN Conn. (Ref.7123403)



Model 71170 Series is an all LED wingtip anti-collision/forward position light assembly. The design is intended to be mounted behind an existing lens and is operated by an external flasher/ current source box (ref – 71234). Unit complies with TSO-C96a Class II (400 ecp) anti-collision light requirements, and TSO-C30c forward position light requirements.

Tech Specs

  • Power Consumption: 0.53 Amps avg. 2.8Amps Peak @ 0.25 sec. 28 VDC
  • Weight: 0.45 Lbs
  • Height (includes mounting flange): 2.33″
  • Overall Length: 3.97″ •Width: 1.77″ (44mm)
  • Input connector: MIL D38999/20F13-8PN

Additional information


Part Number

01-0771170-01, 01-0771170-02