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May 15, 2020

Shirley, NY, Friday, May 15, 2020 – NAASCO is proud to announce that Mitch Klink, former FedEx aviation executive, has accepted an executive level position as Senior Business Development Director.  Klink will be responsible for all worldwide sales for NAASCO’s airline products and services to include fixed wing turbine, light-heavy, and heavy aircraft.  In addition to his direct sales efforts his duties include managing distribution agreements, product/engineering expansion, and acquisition efforts within his market segments.  Additionally, Klink will also be responsible for international government/military sales for rotary aircraft products and services.

Klink has been internationally recognized for his knowledge and applied expertise of complex avionics and electrical systems and has led engineering and maintenance (MRO) related efforts for FedEx, McDonnell Douglas Corporation, Esterline, and Ametek MRO/Avtech.  As a former Chairman of the AMC, he remains an active member of the ARINC Avionics Maintenance Conference (AMC) Steering Group mission.

According to Mike Leslie, NAASCO’s President & CEO, “Mitch Klink brings incredible value to the NAASCO team and we are extremely excited that he will be directing our efforts in the airline industry.  He went on to say, “NAASCO has been very successful within this sector and I am confident that under Klink’s leadership our best has yet to come”.

About NAASCO: Opening its doors in April 1984, NAASCO has served the aviation industry for over 35 years as a FAA and EASA approved repair station.  Its leadership team brings a combined electrical, mechanical, and avionics experience of over 250 years.  During this time, NAASCO has changed the aviation industry by introducing its specialized designed engineering solutions that focuses on improved reliability while solving planned obsolescence.  Two of NAASCO’s most successful product offerings are its starter generator ETR/Mercury Mod and Sil-Met motor, contact, relay, and terminal blocks.

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