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Solutions for Repairing Relays and Terminal Boards

Our Sil-Met Contact process can  save your company thousands of maintenance dollars. We pride ourselves in helping to keep the environment green by refurbishing your product instead of purchasing new and filling our landfills with non repaired units. NAASCO has refurbished thousands of relays and contactors. Our Capability List is constantly expanding as we answer the challenge to help resolve the problems of our growing list of customers.Since 1988, the company has worked in tandem with major airlines to develop a cost-effective repair process for power relays piece parts. NAASCO’s greatest challenge has led to our innovative Sil-Met™ next generation repair solutions for relays  and terminal boards. This leading edge technology allows previously consumable piece parts to be restored to “like new” condition and placed back into service.

Our advanced Sil-Met™ Solutions can be applied to most power relays fitted to a wide variety of helicopters, regional, corporate, military and commercial aircraft. NAASCO has repaired tens of thousands of electrical contacts and terminal boards for our global customer base. Below are links to a few of the products that we support using the Sil-Met process. Contact our Sales Department for a complete catalog or send a request using our Contact Page.

Sil-Met Relay & Terminal Block Repair Solutions Booklet