At NAASCO, our staff strives to maintain the highest levels of reliability and dependability to give our customers the competitive edge.

Quality, fair priced, fully warranted solutions with fast turn-around times.

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Since 1984 NAASCO’s technical and engineering improvements have revolutionized the Starter Generator industry. First and foremost, Regional Airlines, Helicopter and Corporate Operators around the world have benefited from NAASCO’s innovations.  In fact, our innovations have led to 1,000 hour intervals between overhauls on a wide variety of starter generators and we are currently testing our next phase of improvements that are projected to reach 2,000 TBO.

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Our Sil-Met Contact process can  save your company thousands of maintenance dollars. We pride ourselves in helping to keep the environment green by refurbishing your product instead of purchasing new and filling our landfills with non repaired units. NAASCO has refurbished thousands of relays and contactors

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NAASCO has the capabilities to repair and overhaul various types of aircraft, windshield wiper, landing gear, air circulation, blower, micropump, speed brake actuators, fan motors and many more. One of our most popular engineerd solution, is NAASCO’s ETR™ Motor Repair Solutions & Services which offer substantial cost savings to our global clients.

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Our Electro-Mechanical shop specializes in the repair, overhaul, modification and functional testing of Electro-Mechanical accessories, in addition to many other components for the Commercial and Military industries.

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The NAASCO lighting team provides affordable repair alternatives and overhaul services for lighting equipment manufactured by: Honeywell, ECE, Luminator, Grimes, and more.

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Our Capabilities

NAASCO has developed its comprehensive capabilities list over the past 35 years for the Aerospace Repair and Overhaul Industry. These Capabilities include; Skurka  Starter Generators, Power Relays and Contactors, Inverters, Converters, Power Supplies and GCU’s, Lavatory and Water Pumps, Fans, Actuators, Blowers, Air Valves, Search and Landing Lights, Strobes, Dimmer Controls, Actuators, Windshield Wiper Motors and Landing Light Motor Support. The Capabilities List is constantly expanding due to the request for solutions from our customers.

As part of our capabilities, we offer specialized services under NAASCO’s starter generator, motor, relay/contactor trend-monitoring programs that help us to assist our customers with any recurring problem that they may be experiencing.  Our quality control and engineering departments collect and maintain data on any trends that develop while our customer’s units are in service.  This data analytics strategy ensures that we identify the root cause of any issues thereby enhancing reliability.

At NAASCO, our staff strives to maintain the highest levels of reliability and dependability to give our customers the competitive edge. Since 1984, NAASCO has continued to provide money-saving repair solutions for costly, obsolete or otherwise troublesome components. As a consequence, we are confident that our many cost-saving repair and overhaul programs will greatly reduce your maintenance costs. Before you buy a new O.E.M. replacement, send your defective unit to us for evaluation. We have overhaul solutions for hundreds of O.E.Ms, chances are we can save you hundreds or even thousands of your maintenance dollars.

NAASCO’s Capabilities extend to the helicopter, fixed wing, commercial, private, law enforcement and military entities. They extend globally to many countries and continents. Our capabilities are boundless and borderless. NAASCO would be honored to add you to our family tree of satisfied customers. We can offer you quality, fair pricing, fully warranted solutions and fast turn-around times for your ailing products. Drop us an email or give us a call to discuss a solution for you.


FAA repair station No. FD1R135K / EASA.145.4687


FAA repair station No. FD1R135K / EASA.145.4687

Our capabilities are
boundless and borderless